Narcissism is loving oneself overly. And though it is good to love yourself, but loving yourself to an extent where it becomes hard for others to stand you. Narcissists are extremely selfish, over-confident, and crave for admiration on the grandiose view of skills they have. Having such an ideology can hurt relationships and careers.

Narcissists are annoying and difficult to hang around, as they are undesirable to talk to. In order to mold their ways, certain steps can be taken.


  • Acceptance of self-issue: A narcissist has to admit he is one in order to change. If you don’t realize this, there is no way you can change your attitude.


  • Make peace with your past: Narcissism usually arises due to a bad moment in childhood. Recall the bad moment and make peace with it. Changing yourself is up to you, so see in your past what made you see the world the way you do and take steps to change the way you think.


  • Accept people for who they are: When you accept people as they are and not want them to be what you want, you will receive love in acceptance. Changing a person and finding flaws in them is a sign of elitism. Give love to get back love.


  • Learn the way to empathize: Empathy is understanding the other and seeing them from their perspective. A Narcissist has to understand that others come from different walks of life and have had different experiences that have paved them into who they are.


  • Listen to criticism: Narcissists put themselves first and so, they won’t take negativity about themselves. Learning to listen to anything negative about themselves is a major step to self-improvement, despite the criticism hurting in the start. But overtime, you will accept your flaws and learnt o tackle with them.


  • Take things lightly: If you make a mistake, laugh it off. This is the best antidote to the poison built in narcissism and self-love. Learn to make fun of your shortcomings.