Hornets primarily build their nests in far reaching locations, like rooftops or high tree branches. Although their nests are very attractive, no one enjoys having it around their yard! This is because like wasps, bees, and yellow jackets, hornets are a nuisance and can be dangerous for you and your family. You can get rid of the nest from the tree if you are cautious, and following these steps will help you avoid calling in a professional exterminator.


  1. Ensure you are not allergic to the sting of a hornet. You must tae an allergic test to find out, and if the result is positive, it is best to call a exterminator to remove the nest.


  1. Locate the area of the hornet nest around the tree area. Check for other nests under the tree to eradicate all.


  1. Wear protective gear and equipment. This will include a bee hat, long sleeved shirt, eye wear, gloves, and coveralls.


  1. Get a large and strong plastic bag that is not ripped. Place this bag directly under the nest, so that when it falls, the bag catches it.


  1. Treat the hornet nest at night so that all the workers and queen are present in the nest. Also, these hornets tend to be less aggressive at night, and the effect of the pesticide is stronger at this time, killing off most of the hornets.


  1. Spray into the hornet nest opening, which will be at the bottom of the nest. Do not break the paper envelop nest during the treatment.


  1. Do not stand below the nest, as it increases the risk of being stung.


  1. Use a hedge trimmer with a long handle to cut the branch of the tree.


  1. Tie the nest in the bag and dispose it or burn it straight away.