A tricorn hat, or pirate hat, originated in the colonial times. Women and men wore this famous hat through the centuries, and you can easily spot them in movies like Pirates of the Caribbean and The Patriot. Since many came to the like of Captain Jack Sparrow, these tricorn hats are a favorite accessory for pirate costumes during Halloween. You can make this hate yourself with a few simple tools.

Things needed

  • Felt fabric
  • Scissors
  • Fabric glue
  • Marker
  • Fabric stiffener
  • Ruler
  • Pins or tacks
  • String



  1. With a string, measure the circumference of the head of the person who will be wearing the hat. You can also use a sentence strip, which is available at fabric stores.


  1. Cut the string or the sentence strip at the appropriate length measured, and then apply glue to the ends of it to form a circular band.


  1. Place the circle formed at the top of the felt fabric, and trace around it with the marker. Cut out the circle, and spray with fabric stiffener to make it easier to mold.


  1. Apply glue around the outer circle of the felt, and fold the edges of the hat in the strip. This will let the glue fix to the strip tightly. You have now formed the bowl of the tricorn hat, which will cover the head.


  1. Now make the brim of the hat with another piece of felt. Place the hat bowl you have made over the felt and trace around it. cut the inner circle you have drawn.


  1. Measure 8-inches to the open hole in the fabric outwards and make a spot with a marker. Cut another circle with the felt that is 8-inches away from the center of the hole. This will form the brim of the hat. Spray this with fabric stiffener.


  1. Apply glue at the bottom of the hat bowl and fix the hat’s inner circle opening. You have formed a simple hat this way.


  1. To make this hat into a tricorn, fold three corners of the brim to the bowl. You will glue the corners to the bowl.