I believe that there should never be a subscribed and pacific day to give a gift to a loved one. You should celebrate love everyday with the ones you care, and giving a present is a way to show you care about them.


Valentine’s day is a day I believe that should be a day where you don’t have to just rejoice with your lover, but also with your closest family members and friends. Since I was blessed with only one sibling, fortunately a sister, I wanted to make this year’s Valentine’s day special since she recently went through a deplorable divorce. I ended up with a list of great ideas to give her:


  • Personalized bar necklaces with a name or phrase engraved on it.


  • Personalized flat bangle with a short message engraved on it.


  • Personalized handmade name necklace, in gold plating or silver.


  • Sister coffee mugs, that say “Best Sister” in a sweet way.


  • Sisters pillow, with a personalized message printed on it.


  • Sterling silver “Infinity” necklace.heart-chocolates-bhai-dooj-gift-ideas


  • Red key ring heart.


  • A t-shirt or sweatshirt with a personalized message printed on it.


  • Box of chocolates.


  • A sterling silver or gold plated keepsake heart locket with your and her picture inside.