With a strike of luck, if your business is about to receive a grant from an organization, it is important to respond to the donor in the nicest and most professional manner. Grantors tend to provide a token of money for a specific purpose to a business, like a donation or fund. They must be appreciated for their generosity and acknowledged for their gesture. The best way to show your gratitude is with a letter, which can solidify the relationship with them as well. Such a gesture can create a bridge for future relations with the donor.


Scroll down to learn about the format of writing a grant acceptance letter, along with a sample on its format:


Format of the letterGrant Acceptance Letter

To keep this letter professional, your writing must be concise and express your thanks properly. The letter should not exceed three paragraphs, and its opening must have a formal acceptance of the grant sent by them with a sincere gratitude from your behalf.  The spellings and grammar must be kept under check as well. Leave your contact number in the end for further discussions and close with a warm end for future relations to open with them. Your tone throughout the letter should be professional, yet friendly and kind.




Michael Millan


Electra Community Center

365 Main Highway

Columbus, OH 46598




February 4, 2010


Sean Danielle


Arts Calib Home

87 Manet Street

Quicny, MA 8762


Dear Mr. Danielle,


I am writing this letter to gladly inform you about the honorable fellowship grant you sent to our dedicated center for urban society development. The generous sum of $5000 will be used for the construction of roads and street lights in the city of Columbus, Ohio, and provide a source of growth to the community. This grant will be extremely helpful in assisting us to reach our goals in enhancing this community. We continuously strive to dedicate our efforts in the strengthening of public goods and social development.


We will be sending updates to you regularly regarding your donation usage. Also, I am attaching a chart that pertains to the current project and a plan on how your funds will be used. If you wish to inquire more about these funds, feel free to contact me at (756)-3645-6879 or at my email mmillan76@aol.com, and I will get back to you immediately.


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I thank you from the bottom of my heart again for your generosity, and I am deeply humbled by this wonderful gesture by your company. We have also decided to provide the homeless with shelter and create small homes for the citizens that are underprivileged her. This  project, called “Home to All” will construct homes under $7000 per family. As you requested to know more about our future projects, this one is to be launched in the next week. I will send more details if you wish to look into this project. We also will be adding a facility for orpahn homes in Columbus, Ohio very soon.


Yours Sincerely,


Michael Millan


Electra Community Center



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