Building a pole barn is the simplest in all of the shed designs. They can be set up on farms, and look great in backyards of homes too. If you want to create a simple pole barn at your farm or for storage in your homes, or even as a garage for your cars, try following these steps to create one easily:


  • Find the ideal location on where the pole barn will sit. The location should have firm soil and should not have retained any water. Level this ground.


  • Measure and mark the places where you will now be placing the corner poles of the barn. All these corners should be at a 90 degree angle to each other and they should be erected in a straight line. You can use plywood for the poles.


  • Dig holes in the spots where the other poles will stand. Use an auger to dig these holes for the heavy posts. Each pole should be 8-12 feet apart. You can keep their height according to your desire.


  • Sink the poles in at least 5 feet deep. Apply concrete on the hole now to strengthen the posts into the ground.


  • All the posts should be evenly standing. Use a water balance to check their level.


  • Now you will start on your roof. This means you must begin with the beams, which need to be placed horizontally on the standing posts. This creates a base for the trusses. Secure each beam with metal plates.


  • Attach the ready-made trusses now. This will require extra help and hands with you as you need the trusses at the top and anchor them to the beams. Do not use nails to attach the trusses to the beams. Use metal plates to anchor the trusses.


  • Begin with the roofing after the trusses have been attached. For the roof, you will have to attach the purlins to the roof’s trusses. This forms a base now for the roofing material. Use nails to secure the roofing material to the purlins when they have been attached.


  • Install a tin ridge cap now at the top where both ends of the roof will meet.