Tragedies  happen, especially when you have pets in the house. No matter how well you plan things and how much you train them ; there is no much so that they are likely to behave the way you want them all the time. One of the hardest things is when you have wooden floors around the house and then they decide to get naughty on it.

There are quite a lot of commercial products available out therein the market, however most of them hardly work and then why upset your budget for it when you can do it all at home without spending a penny more ?

Well the key to getting rid of urine strains and avoid that odor in the house is to take action immediately and as soon as possible.  Urine will seep  inside your floor if you don’t take appropriate action at the time , leaving an ugliest smell behind.


The easier way is to scrub the floor with a  solution of water and vinegar but first make sure to sprinkle some baking soda on the spot and let it be there for as long as possible.  As soon as the baking soda dries up clean it with the water and vinegar solution. Easy as it sounds , it will not only remove the spot but also make sure there is no odor as well.  This is the simplest and easiest remedy for any pet lover facing issues as such – Happy Cleaning!                                                                              aid1008097-728px-clean-hardwood-floors-step-15-version-2