The connecting tubes between the ear and the back of the nostrils are called Eustachian tubes. These tubes tend to get clogged during a cold or allergy in a person of all ages. It can turn problematic when not treated properly, and serious cases require medical attention from a doctor.

In order to treat a mild case of clogged Eustachian tubes, you can try some home remedies to prevent it from growing into a problem. However, do not take too many home remedies without consulting your doctor, and take a medicine if it is prescribed.


  • Wriggle your jaw to the left and right, and then back and forth to clear ear blockage. If the blockage is mild, your Eustachian tube will pop open to reestablish airflow again.


  • Try the Valsalve maneuver. In this technique, you have to take a deep breath and hold it in while keeping your mouth closed, and pinching your nostrils shut. Now blow air out through the nostrils in this position. You will hear a popping sound from the ears, showing the tubes have cleared out.


  • Yawn or chew on a gum to open the clogged Eustachian tubes. Try gum or eating an apple for relief. Yawning will also aid in opening the tube.


  • Blow on a deflated balloon through your nose to create air pressure in your ears to open the Eustachian tubes. Place the balloon nozzle in one nostril and blow through it. Repeat on both nostrils to you hear the pop of free air flowing through the tubes.


  • Pinch your nose shut and swallow on your saliva. This is called the Lowery maneuver, which successfully opens blocked ears.


  • Place a heating pad on the ear. You can also use a warm washcloth against it to give relief to the ear and break up congestion within.


  • Nasal decongestants also aid in opening blocked ears. These are nasal sprays designed for Eustachian tube blockage, in which the spray is angled into the nostril and toward the throat. It is then sniffed upon spraying.