With spring right around the corner, you might want to tie down those tresses and show your face some more to get some sunshine. One favorite hairstyle that is highly in fashion right now is the fishtail braid, which looks like it takes a lot of effort, but it really doesn’t! Follow these simple steps to make a fishtail braid on your own hair, and with practice, you will be able to make it in different styles!


  1. Brush your hair to make it tangle-free and smooth.


  1. Split your hair from the middle, all the way down, into equal parts. You can use a fine-toothed comb to make it neat. Hold one section in each of your hands.


  1. Take a small strand of hair from the right section. Keep this strand only half an inch thick to make a neat braid.



  1. Pull this strand to the left section of your hair by crossing it over.


  1. Repeat this step on the left section, by taking a small section from it and moving it over to the right section. Keep the strand the same size as the previous one.


  1. Keep alternating on the sides until you reach the end of your hair and have formed a full plait. Make sure you hold the plait tight throughout to keep it in place.


  1. Tie the end with a fine ribbon, elastic, or hair bobble.