Following someone may place you in the category of being a stalker, unless you are a private investigator. Following someone is actually illegal as it is an invasion of privacy as you are doing it without his or her permission. If you have a stalker, or want to spy on your partner or spouse, you may want to know about how it’s done! But be careful in getting caught!


Gather all information regarding their daily routine. This means you will have to learn and get acquainted with their day-to-day pattern. You should know about your target’s habits and where they go around the entire day. You can discreetly follow them in a car a few days, as it’s done in movies. Or you could look into their Twitter and Facebook profiles to see where they visit frequently.


Use equipment that helps in seeing the target from a distance. This could be binoculars, a camera with a good zoom lens, or a video camera with the same feature. You will want any of these pieces of gear if you plan on following someone for a few hours.


Keep yourself at a good distance from the target. Remember that if you can see them, they can see you too! You don’t have to stay right behind the target’s wheel when following them. Keep a distance and you will be able to see where they are headed.


Don’t focus too much on the target.During the chase be clever enough not to keep staring at the target because it can trigger gut instincts of the other person and he can have a feel that someones watching him. Try to see the direction hes heading in and look here and there and pretend not to focus too much on the subject and act normal and natural .


Don’t wear bold colors. Never wear bold/ noticeable colors like red, yellow , orange etc at the time of chase so you don’t catch the eye. Try to wear neutral colors so you can easily blend in the environment without being noticed.


Use your cars mirrors to view them from a distance. Be smart and don’t park right behind them when you follow them, keep your car at an angle where you can see them from your side mirrors or the parking mirrors in parking areas.