Are you planning to sell your car? Do you want to make a good profit out of the sale? Then, it is important that you should write down a formal document. This document should contain all the necessary information about who is selling the car to whom. Basically, it is an agreement letter which shows the transfer of the ownership of the car from the seller to the buyer. Both the parties need to sign this letter for legal purposes.

What Should the Agreement Letter Include

The agreement letter should include the names of both the seller and the buyer. It should consist of all the terms and conditions which both the parties have already agreed upon. The mode of payment should be mentioned clearly in the letter as well.

Some Tips for Writing an Agreement Letter

An agreement letter is quite simple to write. You usually don’t need a lawyer to draft out the letter for you.

  • The agreement letter should be concise and to the point. Everything should be written in a clear and an easy language.
  • It should convey a vibe of positivity. It should show that both the parties are happy to sell and buy the car.
  • The tone of the letter should be businesslike and formal.