Valentine’s day is the best day to get creative with not just your gifts, but the boxes which you are going to present your gifts in. everyone loves a beautifully decorated Valentine’s day box. This is especially true for the kids, since they wait as much eagerly for this day as any other grown up does.

We have come up with a few ideas for decorating a Valentine’s day box.

Mail Box Shaped Valentine’s Day Box

If your little one has got a lot of Valentine’s day cards and you are practically lost as where to place them, then make this mail box shaped box entirely out of paper.

Materials Needed:

A few A4 sized color paper

Glue dots

Heart shaped stickers

Heart shaped punching machine


A hole punch


Glue or tape together the two papers from one end.

From the other ends which are free, fold the papers to almost 1 inch.

Now bring together the folded ends and glue them together. The top of your box is ready.

Now, it’s time to start making the bottom of your mail box.

Now, take another piece of paper and place the folded edges of the prepared top on it. Tape the two edges together.

Now place the box on its side and trace the curved shape on another paper. do leave some extra paper so that you can prepare a fold as well.

At this time, you can decorate your box.

If you are making the door of the mailbox in the form of a front panel, then make a punch hole and add a ribbon to it for opening and closing.

Your Valentine’s Day box is complete.


A Tissue/Shoe Box Converted into a Valentine’s Day Box

There is always an empty tissue box lying somewhere in your house. You can easily convert it into a valentine’s day box.

Materials Needed

An empty tissue box or shoe box (depending upon your desired size)

Paper in pretty colors

Double sided tape

Decorative material

Washi tape


Take the paper and cover your tissue box with it.

Add the decorative material (preferably hearts). You can either glue them on the box or you can use double sided tape for that.

Since Valentine’s day is all about love and hearts, decorate your box with hearts, feathers and floral cut outs. You can either punch some with a heart punch machine or draw some, cut them and paste them on the box.

This box is really easy to make, and basically you get done with it in 15 minutes.