If you’re into DIY crafts at home, you will definitely need a paint booth in your garage installed. this will help you deal with painting and creating stuff in a spot that wont stain or mark any place else in the house. From painting furniture, to even painting your car, you can do anything in this painting booth at home.


Here is how you can create a paint booth in your garage:


  • Set the design in your garage and check the measurements that best suit your needs. You can make an 8-foot wide paint booth if you have a two-car garage, but you can even narrow it by adjusting the lengths of all three of your 8-foot pipes.


  • You will need these in the PVC: 8’sections (3), 5’11 section (1), 4’ sections (2), 3’11 sections (2), 3’ sections (6), 2’7 sections (2), 26” sections (2), 20” sections (2), 2” sections (8).


  • With the help of a saw, cut off your PVC according to the measurements you have drawn out for your paint booth. Each pipe should be secured while you cut through them. Use a sand block to smooth any rough edges made by cutting.


  • Begin assembling the pipes. You will need help of a friend in this for fast results. Secure each one of the pipe by inserting it into each PVC joint.


  • Assemble the sides and then assemble the top-middle pipes with the T connector and the down pipe.


  • In the end, connect all the horizontal pipes to the two sides of the panels. The PVC joints will support the structure’s weight.


  • The booth’s frame will be ready at this point.


  • Enclose the booth with a plastic sheet then with the dimensions 25-foot in length, 8-foot in width, and 6-foot on the sides walls.


  • Seal the sides of the sheet with duct tape or clamps.