Blushing is a sign of embarrassment, flirtation, shyness, and anger. A person tends to blush due to the blood vessels in the cheeks, that flows blood in a rush when your heartbeat increases. Blushing looks appealing to the opposite sex at most times, and can be used to act out a part in a play as well. For any reason, learning to blush when you want can come handy. Read this article to learn how you can blush whenever you want!


  • Think of an event that brings back an embarrassing situation. Make your mind concentrate on that event to make you feel very shy. Your mind will react with the heart beat, and raise the blood flow to your cheeks.


  • You can also try pressing your cheeks with your thumbs to make them red.


  • You can stand on your head to make the blood flow towards your head. This makes a person turn red. Take the help of a friend when doing this.


  • Think of a time you have been really angry on something and keep focused on that. Your mind needs to focus on that emotion and moment. This will make you blush hopefully.