With a little art skill and good craftsmanship, anyone can make sculptures out of paper mache over chicken wire. Paper mache is mostly used for creating the main frame of a sculpture, but the chicken wire sets the foundation to hold the entire body in shape. Basically, the chicken wire is the skeleton of the sculpture, while the paper mache will be the flesh.


Here is an easy guide to make sculptures with these both:


Things you will need


  • Wire cutter
  • Flour
  • Strips of newspaper
  • Work gloves
  • Water
  • Chicken wire




  1. Make a sketch of what you want to make – it can be an animal, insect, or any form of specie. This will aid in knowing the amount of chicken wire you will need and the paper mache as well.


  1. Buy the chicken wire, which will be in square feet.


  1. Wear your gloves and begin making the structure. With the help of the wire cutters, cut the wires where need. Where you need to make bends, you need to twist the wires. Sharp ends of the wire can be bent within to be a part of the structure.dwyl-845


  1. With the structure made, you can now add the paper mache. Simply mix the newspapers, flour and water to create the mache. Place the first layer with paper tape. Now add two more layers of the mache.


  1. You can then layer with paint according to your desire.