Just like creating a cover letter when applying for a job opening, a well-written construction bid proposal is the landing point on getting a contract from a property owner. This is because in the business of construction, a competitive bidding system exists, in which the best work at the lowest price has to be offered by the constructor to a property owner. A contractor has to convince the client to hire you, by making your proposal look professional.


To present the bid skillfully is critical. It must be detailed, and organized, with a realistic approach to the offer you make as a contractor to a client. Follow the steps below to write a construction bid proposal:


  1. Place the name of your company or business at the top. This can be the company logo. Do mention the year your business was established. You can also add performance guarantees in this part.


  1. Write the address of your company below it. Add any other relevant information, like phone number, or email address here as well.

  1. Write the date and the proposal timeline.


  1. Start writing about the cost of the project. This will be done by breaking it down into different parts, like the mechanical costs, the plumbing work expenses, and other such venues.

  1. Lay out the total price of the project. Don’t forget to add your contractor’s fee (at least 10 percent) after you add all the small venue costs.

  1. Now write about the scope of work. This will be a complete section on how you will design the required project, including design plans and drawings. Mention numbers and materials, and be as detailed as possible.


  1. Clear out any issues that are specific to your company.


  1. Write the deadline and estimated time duration of the project to take.


  1. A good and appreciative conclusion will be laid in the end.


  1. Attach the contract of your work, where the details about the payment expectations, dates, negotiations points, etc. will be mentioned.