Has your house been flooded by ants? Well the ant season has arrived! And if not now, very soon, you will find a flood of ants swarming your house.


The in habitation of ants anywhere inside your home has to do with food or sticky substances lying around. Ants mainly search for food – liquid or solid form – that has some sugar in it. There are even ants which eat wood, which are called carpenter ants. So basically, an ant can be after anything in your home!


How to Get Rid of Ants In The House


The cleaner your house, the lesser the chance of the ant invasion. You should have these rules in your house to avoid ants from coming indoors:

  • If any liquid or food spills, clean it up immediately.
  • Food in the kitchen should never be left uncovered.
  • The garbage bins in your kitchens should be emptied every night and they should have a tight lid on them during the day.
  • Always place a glass holder under the glass filled with juice or flavored liquids.
  • Always clean the area where your pet eats food.
  • Food that clings to kitchen appliances must be washed.
  • Remove any dead insects lying around.


But if you haven’t followed these rules and now the ants have invaded your homes, there are some simple remedies to follow that can help get them out of the way fast. Read below to learn how to get rid of ants in the house:



This basic home ingredient can work miracles for ant removal. Pour vinegar and an equal amount of water in a spray bottle and simply spray away over the paths the ants are entering from. Ants are repelled by its smell, especially that of classic vinegar. Spray in all corners and counter tops and let it dry for effective results.


Mint Tea Bags

Drink mint tea and use the mint tea bag to drive away ants. Place the tea bags where the ants enter from. In case you are out of tea bags, you can use mint leaves that are dried. Crush the leaves and sprinkle it at the points of ant inhibition.


Table Salt

This is the simplest way to get those ants from entering your home. Boil water and add salt to it. Pour this mixture in a spray bottle and spread it wherever you see ants.


Black Pepper

Another common kitchen ingredients which works just like salt on ants. You can use black or cayenne pepper mixed in water in a spray bottle and then use it wherever you see any ants.



If you want to avoid killing ants, then maybe this remedy shouldn’t be followed because soaps completely break down their exoskeletons. Mix soap and water and spray at all points of their hideouts to get the rid for good.

Lemon Juice

Ants can’t stand citrus. By mixing lemon juice with water, spray the affected areas. The ants squirm away from those places for good then!

Baby Powder

When you sprinkle baby powder in places ants have taken hold of, they will vanish in no time. Ants hate the scented talcum and keep away from its odor.


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