A glowing fairy jar is loved by kids. These jars are not just fun but can really mesmerize the kids as well. You can make your glowing fairy jar more fun by making one at your home with your kids as well.

Things You Need:


  • A nice clean jar
  • Paintbrushes, long enough to reach even the base of the jar
  • Glow in the dark paint in as many colors as you want
  • Scrap paper
  • Glitters

The Method

Take a piece of scrap paper and place it on a flat surface upside down. Now just squeeze the paint colors on the paper.

Now take your paint brushes and start painting your jar with it. You don’t need to have a separate paint brush for every color. You can just wash the brush when you have to use the other color. Most of the times, a multi color effect is your best option as it gives a lovely effect.

Don’t forget to paint the base of your jar as well.

Let the paint dry.

At this time you can add some glitter to your jar as well. Now, place it in the dark room and see the excitement on your kids’ faces while watching the glowing fairy jar.