Alcohol stays in our body for a long period of time as it is metabolized at a constant rate. It messes up the brain’s activity of an individual along with their body, and that is why it’s not safe for them to drive or get into physical work that needs a sound mind. If you have had a lot of alcohol,  it will take an hour for the body to break down just a unit of the alcohol (10 ml or 8 g) from the amount you consumed, and it can take longer if your liver isn’t working properly. So if you have had a few drinks at a night out, it will take many hours for that alcohol to get out of your system. In fact, the alcohol may still be in your blood the next day.


The only way to get alcohol out of your body is by giving it time and waiting for it to release via urine. There are a few other tips to follow to make the body free from it:


  • Rest. By sleeping, you detoxify the body from alcohol, according to the American Academy of Family Physicians. As the body rests during the detoxification process, the body will be at ease to tolerate the withdrawal symptoms.


  • Drink water. As alcohol is a diuretic, fluids are flushed out from the body with it. You have to replenish the fluids and stay hydrated by drinking water.


  • Exercise. Since you have to speed up the metabolism to get the alcohol out of the body, speed it with exercise instead of sitting around. Dance, jog, or perform some aerobics to get your systems running.