While there are many hobbies people partake in, collecting pens or pencils is usually a beginner hobby for most of them. This usually arises when at a young age the use of pens and pencils starts in schools. Although the age of the pen may be at its looming end due to the advancement of technology, the thrill of using an ink pen to write with may never end. And for this reason, people with a knack for writing enjoy collecting this small but eminent item.


Pen collections are displayed in different ways, as there is not point of keeping them scattered in a drawer. Displaying them beautifully can flaunt the collection according to the style and choice of the collector.  A determined and serious pen collector will be thrilled to display their profuse collection so that the pens aren’t just a treat to their eyes, but to their friends as well. The best ways to display a pen collection are:


Pen Boxes

If you have a nice study or desk you work at, opt for a pen box to exhibit your collection. Some pen boxes offer a hinged and glass lid so that the pens are protected and showed off well. These boxes are mostly made out of wood or a solid material to give the pens an authentic appeal.

Pen Collection


Pen Shelves

If you have the space at home, set your collection around a wall as it is worthy of the attention. Create multiple shelves and place dividers to organize the collection according to color, style, or brand. This makes a different look to your home wall, and you get to enjoy your collection all around you.

Pen Cabinets

For a profound pen collector, shelves and boxes may not be the right choice. For such die-hard fans, pen cabinets must be an option, in which multi-shelf units are offered to organize the pens, no matter how many they are. These cabinets are specifically made for pen collectors. The cabinets are divided with drawers or sections that have pen-holding spots for their beloved items. They motivate a collector into adding more to their collection as well. These cabinets are made of wood or metal, with a series of small drawers designed specifically for pens only.

Pen Pouches

If you like to carry your pen collection, get a pen pouch. These pouches come in different materials, like leather, or cloth, and are also safe in keeping the pens you love portable and with you at all times. You can also get a pen pouch as a second-medium for displaying your pen collection, as these pouches may have limited amounts of holding space for the pens you have.

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Pen Rack

You can purchase a pen rack or get one made from a carpenter to display your pens on your table. These are usually made from wood or bamboo, and they keep the pens from rubbing or scratching. They openly and very neatly display a pen collection, and make an attractive decoration for your collection to be displayed over.









Sit back and enjoy your newly displayed pen collection!



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