Overtime, metal pipes that are touched with humidity and water tend to rust and corrode. This occurs due to the combination of the moisture with the oxygen from the air, which oxidizes the metal and leads to rusting. Corroded pipes lead to impure water and health problems. When trying to remove these pipes, the friction inside the threads of the metal joints makes it impossible to turn and be removed. With thread-loosening lubricants or plumber’s wax, these may be able to dissolve the rust, but a pair of heavy wrenches and brute force is needed in the end to get the piping removed.


To repair the piping affected by plumbing, you will have to loosen it first and follow these steps forward:


Things you will need


  • Spray lubricant, or plumber’s wax
  • Pip wrenches
  • Hammer
  • Propane torch
  • 2 metal pipes



  1. Turn off the water supply. Shut the main water valve, and drain out excess water by turning out the safety valve. Once the water has run out, turn it back off.


  1. The rust will be apparent from where the water may be leaking. Spray the lubricant over the area.


  1. If the rust has gone deeply internally, you will have to add a rust-removing agent in the main water tank.


  1. With the pipe wrench, separate the pipe. Turn the fitting counterclockwise and keep spraying with the lubricant if it wont turn at a point.


  1. Tap the fitting with a hammer to loosen the threads. Now you will be able to seprate the pipes and joints.


  1. Clean out the pipe from rust, and apply a few tablespoons of a rust cleaner on it.


  1. Attach the new pipes.