A wedding cake is the highlight and prime feature of a wedding, but everyone’s budget tightens around the wedding days. The price per piece is higher than expectations for many, but that doesn’t mean you forgo keeping a beautiful cake on your big day! Be creative and make up a cake in a budget for the wedding. Here are some ideas to gain inspiration from to create the perfect wedding cake that matches your pocket!

  1. Contact a local bakery or ask the catering service for the wedding cake. These services don’t specialize in wedding cakes or offer many designs, but their costs will be low due to their skill level. If you order a cake through your catering service, they will charge lower too.


  1. When choosing the frosting of your cake, opt for buttercream instead of fondant. This is because buttercream is cheaper, as fondant has extra materials used to work with and makes it more expensive.


  1. Get a cake made with a simple single tier along with cupcakes in the bottom, or you can use a simple two-tier cake. This is because the larger your cake and layers, the more the cost.


  1. Use simple decorations on the cake. Add-ons add to the costs of the cake. Opt for simple designs with a few flowers. There are certain flowers that will cost less on the cake as well that can be chosen if you really want a flowered cake. You can also use fresh flowers too on the cake which will not just make the cake look beautiful, but also be cost-friendly. You can make the cake topper yourself if you are good with arts.


  1. Use a simple base the baker provides the came with instead of buying an elaborate cake stand. Place it on the table and spread a beautiful linen on the table along with candles and bouquets to add sparkle around it.


  1. Choose cheaper flavors from the baker. There is usually a seasonal cake flavor a baker offers that is on low price.