Turner Field is located away from the central of Atlanta. The ballpark is a massive stadium that encounters heavy traffic caused by baseball fans when there is a game being played there. The problem arises further as the metro Atlanta mass transit system, MARTA, doe not have a stop at this location.

Avoiding Traffic When Coming to Turner Field

Traffic gathers due to the bottleneck on I-75/85 at the I-20 interchange and the Fulton Street exit. To avoid this traffic, go past these exits, and past Turner field. Take an exit at the University Avenue, and take a left to get back on the I-75/85 North. Make an exit at the Fulton Street exit and then process to a color parking lot you wish to park at.

When coming from any part of the city that has a nearby I-20 exit, take it as it will have less traffic than the exits around Turner Field. Park in the Lexus Lot of the Green Lot before the game starts to avoid the traffic after the game ends.


Leaving Turner Field Without Traffic

After any baseball game, there will be a lot of traffic congested around Turner Field. If you love around the west or north side of the city, take I-20 West to I-285.


If I-20 route is congested, take the I-75/85 South to go to the Langford Pkwy West to I-285. Follow the traffic cops directions and follow the flow of the cars.