Cable TV is actually very expensive and if you need to make some additional cuts to make ends meet at your home, you may need to look into ways that can reduce your expenses. The transition from networks to cable took place a few years ago, but another transition that is growing is the movement of cable to the streaming world. Not only is it saving money for online viewers, but you get to get rid of the cable TV at home!


A monthly subscription for the cable service every month is quite an amount when calculated in your total home expenses. You can start getting it for free, and that too legally, by reading below:


Things you will need


  • A computer that has an Internet connectivity and a S-video connection


  • A TV with a S-video connection


  • Headphone audio adapter


  • S-video cable



  1. Ensure your computer has a fast and active Internet connection. A good speed is needed for good quality cable.


  1. Locate the S-video connection on the TV and the computer. This is a small circular fitting in almost every computer and TV set these days. Once it is located, estimate the length of the cable needed to connect the computer with the TV.


  1. Purchase a C-video cable form any electronic shop. This is needed to connect the TV and computer. Make sure you connect it properly once you are home.


  1. Turn on your computer. On your desktop, right-click on the background. Select “Properties” from the menu that appears. Click on “Personalize” or “Display Settings” in the “Properties” window, and then add another monitor with the instruction given. The help tool guides on adding the other monitor. You will see the computer desktop on the TV and this means your computer has been connected to your TV successfully.


  1. With the headphone audio adapter, you will get the sound from the computer on your TV. Plug in the adapter into the headphone jack on the computer and connect the other end to the S-video on the TV.


  1. Drag the web browser on the computer and visit the website that has free cable. Now enjoy the cable TV!