A common symptom of kidney failure in dogs is excessive urination and increased water consumption. Other symptoms include vomiting, lethargy, weight loss, and a loss of appetite. One reason behind kidneys malfunction is an increase in creatinine. This is a waste product that can rise in the blood, and is eliminated from the kidneys of the pet.

A high level of creatinine can be caused by a reduction of fluid volume in the blood stream of the dog. Other factors can be dehydration, or a heart disease.


To reduce the creatinine, you can:


  • Reduce their protein intake.


  • A restriction of phosphate.


  • A reduction in sodium in their meals.


  • Giving canned diets to increase water consumption.


  • Preparing home-cooked renal diets in a balanced way.


  • Giving a multivitamin to the dog.