Whips have been used for centuries to exert control on animals by humans. They are important tools for ranches for training animals. Whips come in different designs and forms, and most people choose to get those with leather decorative. The tassels of these whips are braided on the handles by many users, and this is a very simple technique to beautify the whip.


To braid the whip handle, these steps should be followed:


  • Cut the leather of the whip in tassels. Make 10 strips that are 2-yards long and 18th of an inch thick. Nine of these tassels will be used for the base of the whip, while the last one left is to be placed aside.


  • Fold the nine strips in half and measure 12-inches of it from the end, before tying them together. Secure with duct tape.


  • Braid three strips together as you do for a braid.


  • Fold the 12-inch measured now into half so that the thickness doubles. Make the base of the handle by tying another half knot at the bottom. Now hold the 10-inch piece of the leather and wind it very tightly around the foot of the leather at the bottom. The tighter you set it, the firmer the handle will be.