Wigs are worn for various reasons – be it as a fashion statement, or for a physical need. Wigs come in two types – human hair wigs, and synthetic hair wigs. Although most people ideally opt for human hair wigs, they cost more and require more care unlike synthetic hair wigs.

Synthetic wigs do not require chemicals or maintenance as they are made out of monofilament fiber hair that maintains its shine and shape. But with a few tips, the longevity of these wigs can extend, and if you properly clean it, the volume and texture of the wig can go a long way.


Here is the right way to clean a synthetic wig:


  1. Detangle the wig by combing through it with a wide-tooth comb. Never soak or wash an un-brushed wig.


  1. Fill up a sink or container with cold water. Cold water does not damage the synthetic hair and shine.


  1. Add a few drops of synthetic wig shampoo in the water.


  1. Soak the wig in this bubbly water now and leave it there for 10 minutes. Do not rub it.


  1. Run the fingers over the cap area of the wig, which touches the forehead. This area may have buildup sweat or oil.


  1. Rinse the hair with cold water as you remove it from the basin to get the shampoo off.


  1. Clear out the water from the basin and refill it with cold, clean water.


  1. Add a generous amount of conditioner to the basin. Replace the wet wig in this for 30 minutes.


  1. Remove it and lightly wash with cold water. Never wring the wig. Slowly and carefully squeeze the water in excess from the wig.


  1. Leave it to air dry over a headstand.


Wash the hairpieces after every second week. These wigs aren’t real and will not get oily or dirty. The only part that gets dirty is the base or cap !