Maternity extension leave letters are written by working women ready to take some more time off from work after having a baby. This may be due to them not fully recovering after the delivery, or the baby needs more time from them. Either way, the extension letter aids the new mom to request an extended leave from the office. Maternity leaves are given by most country’s to workingwomen, but extension request are added days off by the new mother.

Here is a sample of a maternity leave extension letter:


Samantha Rhodes,


ABL Corporation Ltd.,

6 Highway Street,

Branchburg, NJ, 986654


Date: March 4, 2006


Mathew Carl

Head Director

ABL Corporation Ltd.,

45 Alpha Way,

Branchburg, NJ, 987652




Dear Mr. Carl,


I write to you as a request for an added leave from maternity due to a complication with my baby’s health. My scheduled leave was from February 30 till March 15. However, I will not be able to join the office on the prescribed date as my baby is suffering from jaundice and will not recover till that time.


I therefore wish to take another 2 weeks off from work, so that I can give proper time and care to my newly born. My doctor has recommended the baby stay at home under supervision all the time.


I have already spoken to Mr. Howard from the office, and I requested him to send me any work that needs my observation on my email.


I thank you deeply for your time, and consideration.


Yours Sincerely,



Samantha Rhodes