If you wish to send your family pictures from your android phone of your recent vacation, you can easily send it through your email account on it. If you haven’t added your email account on your phone, do it now form the Settings app, and follow these steps to send the pictures:


  • Set up your account on your android phone, as you need to be logged into your email account for sending the pictures. You have to set the account through the Settings menu. Select “Accounts” in this menu, and the “Add Account”. Select your email option to “Gmail”, “Outlook”, or “Yahoo” – wherever your account exists. Then just enter the account details as the mail provider’s link opens on your phones.


  • Now you have to open the photo gallery in your phone. Hold onto the first picture you wish to send in the folder. This selects the first image you wish to send. You can click on the other photos you wish to add then. Try to select five, as your email would get too large to send with more pictures.


  • Tap on the “Share” icon once you have selected the pictures, which is usually on the top of the screen. Select the “Email” button in the list that opens, and you email app will instantly appear. Compose your message, and place the address in the blanks. Send the pictures by selecting the “Send” icon.