With Thanks Giving around the corner, making a roast turkey in the best way possible this year would be a perfect idea to light up your dinner with family and friends. Try to roast the turkey in a convection oven and you will find yourself with a juicy bird cooked on the table in lesser time than using a traditional oven. A convection oven works by using the circulating air in the preheated oven and penetrating into the turkey to cook it faster and evenly from all sides. Your cooking time is reduced by 40 percent with a convection oven in comparison to traditional ovens.


In a convection oven, you will find electric thermometers that have to be probed or inserted into different areas of the turkey. The temperature is then set to the desired internal food temperature (a 180 degrees Fahrenheit for a turkey) then. The thermometer monitors the internal temperature and it will alert you when the turkey reaches that temperature. You should set the temperatures to:


  • 180 degrees (F) for the thighs
  • 170 degrees (F) for the breast
  • 165 degrees (F) for stuffed turkey


Set the preheat temperature to 300 degrees (F), and after 20 minutes, Simply place the turkey in the center of the lowest oven shelf in the oven. Your turkey’s wings and drumsticks should be covered in foil as they may over brown in the oven. Normally, the turkey will be self-cooked in 2.5 hours. Do not baste or marinade the turkey till its in its last cooking hour.