Passing out can be done if you’re a good actor, but it can’t look real for a prolonged period. However, if you want to faint for a long period and make your prank a success, you will need to know how to actually pass out and stay that way for a longer duration. You must however, be careful while pulling such stunts.


Here is a way anyone can faint without harming themself:


  • Reduce the amount of oxygen in your body by hyperventilating. You can also take deep breaths for a minute while you are sitting on the ground, and then try standing up. Stop breathing as you get up. Take a few twirls or walk fast and you will then begin feeling dizzy, and lose vision. You will then fall over.




  • Hold your breath and deprive your body of oxygen. Your body will immediately have a shortness of oxygen and the brain will start going numb. As you get lightheaded, hold your breath for a few minutes and you will be on the ground in no time.


  • Put your head between the knees while you are standing ad take a few deep breaths. Stand up straight without taking a breath, and quickly insert your thumb in your mouth. Start breathing against your thumb. You will pass out in seconds.


  • Fainting is even easier when you haven’t eaten for too long. However, don’t over starve yourself this way just for a prank!


  • Cigarette smoke inhaled in large amounts can make anyone lightheaded. Hold the smoke in your lungs for a few moments and you are bound to pass out.


You can prolong your faint episode by acting it up then. While someone tries to lift you, make your body relax and do not budge.


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