With the looming summer ahead and the scorching heat to take its toll, plan a trip to a water park with your family to take a plunge in the cool water! A family trip to a water park is a fun-filled summer activity by spending the day at the outdoor and remaining cool even on a hot summer day. From the thrills of water slides, to the fun at wading pools, there is something to do for everyone at a water park.

Water Park

To make your trip the most of it, it is essential for you to pack properly for a day at the water park. You don’t want to take too many unnecessary items or forget some important things you may need there. Although packing lists vary from age to age and the type of water park you are visiting, your basic items will be the same, as listed below. Your first item to pack is your water park tickets and coupons. You must check the website of the water park you are visiting to understand what main items you will be needing to take with you. Learn how to pack for a water pack with this guide.

Bathing Suits

Every water park needs swimwear for its guests, but do check the dress codes of the park before deciding which swimsuit to pack. Pack a swimsuit that fits well, and doesn’t have zippers or buttons. This is because metal ornaments can damage the rides. Bikinis shouldn’t be worn on water parks as well as skimpy bathing suits can’t stay put in the slides.


Other Clothing Items

You will need clothes to wear over your swimsuit. Wear casual but easy to remove clothes. Keep rubber flip-flops, and sandals with rubber or tread soles to avoid slipping around the pool. Keep extra clothes as the ones you wear may get wet.


Sun Protection

For outdoor water parks, you must remember to pack sunglasses, sunscreen, and hats. Your sunscreen should have a high SPF. Keep your sunglasses as well which have a strap so that the don’t come off lose when you are in the water.


Personal Items

You should pack shampoo and body wash as you will need to get off the chlorine once you come out of the pools. Also pack body lotion as skin gets dry after being in chlorine for a while. You should also have at least two towels per person. Keep your hairbrush and hair ties, and most importantly, your cell phone charger. You should have some cash stacked in a fanny pack, and your camera with its charger to capture all the memories you make there.


Flotation Devices and Swimming Necessities

Most parks require kids to wear life jackets and vest in the pools according to certain ages and heights. Do not pack any inflatable toys or water wing, as they may not be allowed but the water park. Remember to pack your goggles as well for eye protection.


Food and Drinks

You will need to pack snacks and water for the trip. Most parks will have regulations for what drinks and food items to bring, but they are easy with kid-friendly snacks. To remain hydrated, pack a few bottles of water.


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