Pole beans grow long vines, which makes them require the need of a support to make its harvest simpler. The plants need to grow above the ground to grow their shells properly. The best support structure for pole beans are trellises, as it supports rows of pole beans to grow over. A trellis is a moveable fence with a crisscross pattern that can be bought from stores or even made at home. You can build it with slats placed in a crisscross patters, or with simple chicken wire connected to a frame. The trellis has to be at least 6-feet high from the ground to grow thriving pole beans.


Remember that plants that are trellised give a higher yield than those that are not trellised. According to research, peas fruit more when they are supported, and 30-60% higher yield is produced with trellises.


Here is a DIY guide on building a trellis for growing pole beans:


Things you will need


  • Hand saw
  • Wood
  • Hammer
  • Twine
  • Galvanized nails




  1. Build the trellis frame by making a squared structure with the wood and nails to connect them.


  1. Hammer nails at 7-inche distances around the frame.


  1. With a ball of twine, make a net over the frame by connecting over the nails. Loop over the nails and pull them tautly as you move upwards with it.


  1. Once the strings have been vertically installed, add horizontal strings to the frame to form a grid pattern.


  1. Place the plant around the strings now.