The human body is programmed in a way that it must sleep at night and remain awake during the day. However, there are times when you need to pull an all-nighter. Staying awake all night for work, studies, sleepovers, or night-shift assignments can be tough on anybody. Either way, you can pull off an all-nighter with a few successful and simple tricks. If you have to stay awake for one night or adjust to a new night shift at work, these basic techniques will let you know how to stay awake all night long:

How to Stay Awake All Night


  • Take a nap beforehand. You can sleep during the afternoon the night you have to stay awake, or sleep longer the night before. The body will find it hard to pull another night of less sleep so rest properly a day before.


  • Keep yourself busy that night, as when you’re free, you will get bored and sleepy. Keep pushing your sleep aside by keeping your mind distracted.


  • Sip on caffeine throughout the night. Caffeine is a highly effective aide in turning into a night owl. Take small doses of coffee throughout the night shift instead of taking just one caffeinated beverage at the very start of your shift. This will help you maintain focus and alertness throughout the night and allow no significant sleep disturbance when you reach home a
    nd hit the bed.


  • Keep the lights on to keep the mind awake. Dark rooms makes people sleepy, and the brighter the room, the more powerful the effect on your mental clock. It creates a fake signal to the mind and body that it’s yet not time for bed.


  • Avoid alcohol as it helps in falling asleep.


  • If you get desperate on sleeping, try taking an energy drink like Red Bull or Monster. You will need at least 4 cans to boost the energy for an all-nighter.


  • Keep your stomach full the day of the all-nighter. Eat three healthy and balanced meals so that your body does not feel tired. Have a healthy breakfast and lunch, but ensure that you eat the right dinner to stay awake all night. This is because this is the last meal you consume before staying awake the night so make this meal appetizing. Consume more on carbohydrates to have more energy and also get some proteins. Do not take sugary foods like candy during the day of the all-nighter as it will make you want to crash for bed at night. You should also stock on healthy foods for the night like vegetables, fruits, and nuts to munch on when you get hungry.


  • Keep chewing gum by your side throughout the night. Keeping the mouth moving will keep your mind stimulated.


  • Turn on some music to awaken the senses if you get drowsy.


  • Keep your mind stimulated and alert by keeping yourself mentally engaged. Pay attention on what you are doing, or start a conversation if you have a crash session with people around. Ask your mind questions in whatever you are doing to make it stay focused.


  • You can also switch tasks after every thirty minutes to keep the mind and body refreshed. This will avoid you from going in a trance. Get up after thirty minutes for the bathroom, or get a snack. Keep changing what you are doing to keep the mind awake. You can even get up and change your place of sitting to change your surroundings.


  • Drink a lot of water throughout the night, as no one can fall asleep with a full bladder. Staying hydrated lets you stay awake. Add some ice to the water to shock the body fully awake.


  • Splash some cold water on your face when you feel drowsy.


  • Move around or exercise to make yourself hyper when you are slowing down. Jumping jacks, push-ups or walking around quickly will boost up some energy. Remember to avoid intense workouts as that will only tire the body more. Stimulate the body stretching the forearms and wrists to make the body feel active. Roll the shoulders and give yourself a hand massage. You can take a 10 minute walk in your house or even outside.


  • Take a power nap. A power nap is a short half-hour nap during a shift which is highly effective in grasping more energy to pull the all-nighter. Drink an 8-ounce cup of coffee before you take the nap to end the sleep inertia!


  • Keep the room cool. Hot rooms make you feel drowsy, so keep the room chilled even if it is winters. You can keep the windows open in your bedroom to allow cool air in to help you stay awake.


  • Fight the time between 4 a.m. to 5 a.m. as this is the time when the body is the most tired and in need of sleep. You will feel extremely sleepy at this time of the night. Use the possible countermeasures listed above to help you stay awake during this hour.


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