Though various new communication tools have developed over the last few years, emails are still an enormous part of keeping in touch with anyone around the world via the Internet. Simple notes can be sent in it, along with larger files with pictures, videos, or scanned data. These are “attached” to the email, and are termed as email attachments. To open an attachments in a Yahoo mail account, these steps are taken:


  1. Log into your Yahoo mail account.


  1. Open the message in your inbox with the given attachment.


  1. When the email opens, the name of send and the subject will appear, along with an attachment button with a small image of a paperclip. Click on this image.


  1. Various options for opening the attachment will appear, from downloading it to opening it from the account. Select on what you suits you.


  1. The picture (or other data) will then be displayed on the computer screen.