With the thick volume and texture of your little girl, thinking about hairstyles to make her look dressed up may be confusing. We have listed below a few ideas on how you can tie up your little girls hair in different types of ponytails to give her a neat and clean look!


Multiple Ponytails

Why go for one when your daughter has so much hair on her scalp! Set the hair in multiple twists and add colorful barrettes to it. This will look good on girls that have dry hair, and need ample amounts of moisturizing.


Curly Ponytail

This two-sided pigtail can be done with a single ponytail as well. Twist and flatten the front of the hair, and spiral curl from the loose ends.  Add bows or flowers to the top of the ponytail to make it extra cute.

Fishtail Ponytail

This looks chic and adorable on girls of all ages. Simply cornrow the front of the scalp, and lift the back into a ponytail. Make a fishtail braid in this ponytail, using hair spray to texture the braid.


Jumbo Braided Ponytail

A high braided ponytail with a simple front looks good on little girls for all events. It is the quickest and easiest hairstyle to make, and you can add accessories to make the look adorable.


Side Ponytail

This look will bring out the diva in your little girl! Inspire the look from the 80s with adding ribbons and pins on the top, and making the ponytail pop at the side.


Microbraid Ponytail

You can make use of the microbraids in your child’s hair by pulling them altogether into a ponytail. This is a traditional look that makes a unique hairstyle.