Taking time off from work to pursue further studies requires a formal note to be sent to the employer to inform them about your future absence. This is where a study leave letter comes in, where one sends a letter to inform the company and head about their desire to leave work for a certain time to study. This letter will tell them why you have to leave, and when you intend to rejoin work.


In order to write a well-formatted study leave letter, you need to keep a few things in mind:


  • Do not make it very precise or short. Details need to be mentioned in it.
  • Clearly lay out all the dates.
  • Use a formal and professional tone.
  • Attach registration documents for making your request stronger.
  • Explain how the study leave will benefit you and the company.


Here is a sample of a study leave letter:



Dustin Clark

Chief Executive Officer

Antler Heads Office



Samantha Jones

Personal Secretary CEO


Date: January 4, 2010


Dear Mr. Clark,


I am writing to you to inform you about my admission in Michigan State University’s Masters in Human Resource program. This great news has a downside to it, which is my leave of absence during the time I head out for my studies, which commence from May 10, 2010 to September 23, 2011.


Upon my return, I hope to resume my job and work with the company. This degree will aid in my skills that will befit my job and career further for the company.


I have attached my letter of admission along with the receipt for tuition paid to the University for you to review. I thank you in advance for giving me the opportunity of pursuing my education for professional development.





Samantha Jones