Resetting a garage door opener depends upon how old or new it is. While it is just a matter of seconds which it takes to reset a newer door opener, it takes a bit more time for resetting an older version.

Resetting an Older Garage Door Opener

For resetting an old garage door opener, you first have to examine the DIP switch settings. You should understand the position of the switches. Usually a 6 switches DIP has got five switches toggled on and one toggled off after every second. The same pattern should be copied on the hand held remote as well, so that it exactly matches with that of the opener. If you have a newer hand held remote then it might not be compatible with the opener. However, in case you have lose your original remote, you can always buy a newer one making sure that it is compatible with the opener.

Resetting a Newer Garage Door Opener

Resetting a newer door opener involves pressing a few buttons. Hold on the learn button and erase the present code present on both the opener and the hand held device. Wait for a few minutes and press the learn or smart button again. When you release the button now, the light on the motorized opener should stay lit up for at least 20 to 30 seconds. Now you can reset the garage door opener by depressing and holding the program button on the remote while the light on the indicator is on. As soon as the indicator light starts blinking, release the button on your remote. In case your opener hasn’t got an indicator light, it will click twice to inform that the resetting is done.