Its time to recycle those faded and worn out jeans that you have shunned out into the back of your wardrobe. You can easily create a simple apron out of it even if you don’t have the stitching skills. With a few minutes of your time, and the right tools, you can muster up a new jean apron out of those old jeans.


Just follow the steps below to get working on your new venture:


Things you will need


  • Old pair of jeans
  • Scissors
  • Thread and needle
  • Scrap fabric
  • Trim or twirl
  • Glue gun




  1. Choose an old pair of jeans that has wide or loose legs.


  1. Spread the jeans on a flat surface. Cut out from the crotch and work your way till one of the leg. Open this leg that you have cut along the seam now.


  1. Hold the leg that you have cut onto yourself. Check what length you want and cut off the excess.


  1. Fold this fabric now in half, and then cut the upper half in an angle so that the top part is narrower than the bottom. This narrow oart fits on the chest.


  1. Sew the sides with a bright trim or twirl. Sew the extra edges as well.


  1. With old fabrics and twirls, create more designs on top of it with the fabric gun to glue it.


  1. Make a long tie around the neck with trim or twirl and sew it.