The life of a vehicle is maintained by regularly checking it’s car oil. You should check it at least once a month to ensure there is no contamination and to see if it is sufficient. This oil is essential for vehicles as it reduces friction in the engine and aids in it running smoothly. Once you see the oil is dirty or smelling of gasoline, it is time to get it changed.



To check your vehicle’s oil level, follow these steps:


  1. Get a rag or piece of old fabric for work.


  1. Find out where the dip stick of the car is by going through the car owner’s manual. If you know where it is, skip this step.


  1. Check the oil once the car has been used or driven around a bit, as it is best checked warm.


  1. Turn of the vehicle completely to check the oil.


  1. Open the hood, and prop it safely open.


  1. Locate the dip stick, which will be on the left side of the engine, depending on the car model. The dipstick has a yellow or an orange handle that is strongly visible. Pull this handle out of the engine.


  1. Clean the dip stick with the help of the rag, and then slide it back in.


  1. Once again, take out the dip stick and see where the oil appears on it. Some sticks have a line marked on “full” while on others, there will be a textured area that will show the oil capacity.


  1. If the oil is near the full point, it is fine. But if it is way below it, touch the oil texture to see if it is clean. If it feels ok, add more fuel with a funnel. If the oil feels gritty, an oil change will be needed.