Meralgia Paresthtica is a medical condition in which a patient has a burning, tingling and numb feeling in their outer thigh. This is caused by the compression of the nerve that provides the sensation to the skin surface of the thigh. Such a condition arises after weight gain, pregnancy, obesity, and tight clothing. It can also be due to diabetes or a local trauma.


Although there are ways to treat meralgia paresthetica, if it is a severe case, surgery or medications may be the only way to cure it. Your physician will guide you best on which treatment to opt for.


For beginners, you should treat this medical issue by the following tips:


  • Lose weight.
  • Avoid certain strenuous exercises and physical activities.
  • Wear looser clothes.
  • Take a prescribed pain reliever, like ibrufen (Advil or Motrin), or acetaminopehn (Tylenol).
  • Take a corticosteroid injection, if the physician suggests.
  • Avoid standing or walking for too long.
  • Do exercises like bridging, hip extensions, and standing hip abduction.