Trust me, you don’t need a plumber to replace a bathroom sink drain! You can save yourself the extra money by following through this guide on the project.


Things you will need


  • Plumbing pliers
  • Sink drain assembly
  • Plumbers Teflon tape
  • Flat-head screwdriver
  • Plumber’s putty
  • Scissors




  1. Reach at the back of the sink’s drain and unscrew the cap. This lies adjacent the ball and rod. Remove it from the drain.


  1. Remove the stopper from the drain.


  1. Under the sink, you will find the P-trap. Loosen the nuts of this p-trap that are near the wall on the drain.


  1. Now you have to pull down the p-trap and release it from the drain. Remove the gunk into the basin.


  1. With the help of the pliers, loosen the nut of the drain and remove it.


  1. Pull off the rubber gasket from the lower part of the drain.


  1. Now you will have to reach at the top of the sink and lift the drain’s flange.


  1. Get your new drain ready by applying Teflon tape to the threaded section of the drain assembly. Apply the tape around the tailpiece, the pop-up ball and rod seat, and the p-trap.


  1. Remove the stopper and the flange collar of the new drain.


  1. Slide over the slip nut and the washer on to the drain tailpipe.


  1. Then, insert the flange collar to the sinks top.


  1. Tighten the nut that is under the sink. The gasket will begin to spread and you will feel the drain assembly snugly fitting into the sink.


  1. Now slide the p-trap on the tailpiece of the drain.


  1. Fit the p-traps back into the waste pipe that is going into the wall. Tighten the slip nuts with your hand.


  1. Run the water to check for any leaks. Fill the sink full to see if the water doesn’t not leak from underneath.