Chinese art has existed in the world for centuries and is known to be the oldest continuous forms of art in the world. The main features in Chinese art are painting and calligraphy, and is called guohua, meaning native painting in Chinese. This form of painting is done with a paintbrush dipped in black ink and colored oils, and the painting is made over paper or silk. This form of art is also made on walls, folding screens, album sheets and lacquerware.


To draw Chinese art, these steps are carried out:


  1. An image is chosen by the painter, who then begins painting with a Chinese drawing brush dipped in paint or ink of their desired color.


  1. Just like calligraphy, the brush is stroked with swift motions to create the curves and details in Chinese art.


  1. To draw the lines, a thinner brush is used, which is dipped in ink.


  1. Shades in dull hues are chosen in Chinese art, like maroons, black, greens, white, pale pink, and blue.


  1. Shadows are also created in the art if figures are being drawn. This is done with mixing the ink with water with the brush.