A gravel driveway creates a neat look to the outlook of your home. It is also easy to manage during heavy rains and snowstorms, as plain clay soil driveways become very messy. By installing a gravel driveway outside your home, you can give a new makeover to it and make your house look grand. Gravel is cheaper in cost in comparison to concrete, it is long lasting and it is easy to maintain. If the base is clay soil for the gravel driveway, your gravel will work best. To make a gravel driveway, you just need a weekend that is free from other chores, and simply follow these steps on setting it up.


  • Clear the top soil and remove any organic matter, weeds or plants on the driveway. You can do this with the help of a shovel.


  • Tap the soil down now with a soil compactor as compacted soil will make a strong base for the gravel. Level the entire area and you can add stones to fill up any gaps. Keep the central part of the driveway slightly higher than the sides so that water can drain off the sides during rainy days.


  • Lay out a layer of landscaping fabric on the driveway’s entire length. This fabric will help in removing growth sprouts or formation later when the gravel is set.


  • Spread the first base with large stones. The stones can be as big as your fist. Add a layer of sand to the stones so that all the gaps are filled. Sprinkle water over this and then apply another layer of sand.


  • Lay the gravel now. Place the large gravel pieces first to make the first layer, and then make a second layer with crushed gravel.