Myrtle Beach is the most popular beach of beautiful South Carolina as it offers everyone some fun in the sun during the summers. It is a popular vacation destination as it is a great destination with different activities even when you are on a tight budget. The beach is covered in a 60 mile length and offers golf courses, restaurants, hotels, and shopping areas for the tourists and locals.


If you are planning to set a vacation with your family soon, and have limited funds, you can make your trip exciting even with a small budget. Here is how you can do this:

Plan Ahead

You can save a lot of money if you plan your vacation beforehand. Set your plans for the trip during the off season, when airfares and hotel costs will be low. After September, the prices will fall dramatically up till April. If you can go to Myrtle Beach other than the summer, you will save a lot of money. If you wish to go during the summers, divide your expenses under these categories: airfare, accommodation, meals, activities, and additional costs. You will then follow the following steps in cutting the costs of each category.



Cutting on Travel Expenses

Travelling by car is fun and fuel costs are much lower than airfares. If you don’t live too far, make the trip a road trip. There are limited flights that will take you to Myrtle Beach. You can take a flight to Wilmington, North Carolina, and drive to the beach on a car, and get there in 2 hours. You can check airfares for both airports and choose the cheaper option.



Finding Cheap Accommodations

Hotels around the beach are very expensive, so choose a lodging that is 10-15 minutes away. You can also look for rentals that are close to the Myrtle Beach. Use online travel sites to compare the prices of hotels and find discounts offered on any accommodation. Another option is to rent a house or condo around the beach area. Such accommodations are paid rent for a week. Visit the website to search for rental places to stay in with your families.



Budgeting on Dining

Try to get a hotel with free breakfast offers, r cook breakfast yourself to cut on the costs of dining. There are many small grocery stores where you can find bakery items to consume and cook for breakfast. For lunch and dinner, try the local foods or small restaurants that have low priced menus.




Search for Free or Low-Cost Beach Activities

Having fun on the beach is free no matter what. Make your kids enjoy the water and sand and take surfboards and kites with you to play with. Walk around the Broadway when you need a break from the beach to enjoy the small shops dotted around it. There are plenty of each festivals throughout the year that are free, with open air concerts, exhibits, street performers, and demonstrators. There are also parks around Myrtle Beach, like the Market Commons Grand Park, which is free for everyone.



Saving on Additional Costs

You will need supplies for the trip you take to the beach, like sunscreen, beachwear, swim gear, and coolers. All this is less expensive when bought from your hometown. Bring the things with you instead of buying these from the trip. Some supplies, like umbrellas, towels, and small beach gear can be found very cheap at the beach.