Bicycles are eco-friendly and the healthiest forms of transportation for people. But without functioning brakes, they can be dangerous, especially when used on roads. For road bikes, brakes must be installed or replaced if they are not functioning properly, as it can lead to injury and even death. This is because road bikes have a faster travelling speed due to their lightweight construction.


The best way to install brakes on a bike is as follows:



Things you will need

  • Screwdriver
  • Wrench
  • Pliers
  • Bike brakes (Cantilever brakes)




  1. From the right handlebar, remove the grip. Slide over the brake lever on this handlebar, ensuring that the lever is pointing up.


  1. With the screwdriver, tighten the lever’s screw to secure the lever, and then replace the grip on the handlebar.


  1. Pulling the brake lever, slide the brake cable via the slot of the lever. You will have to feed the cable’s end into the cable adjusting barrel.


  1. You will bolt the brake assemble next onto the bicycle’s front fork. The brake shoes should be positioned to the front wheel’s rim. Then loosen the nut that is attached to the cable anchor bolt. This will be at the side of the brake assembly.


  1. The wire at the end of the brake cable should then be fed through the cable adjustment barrel. Slide the end of the wire into the hole of the cable anchor bolt. Pull the wire to remove the excess of the brake cable, and then tighten the bolt.


  1. Test the brakes by pulling the lever, and see if the brake shoes are contacting the wheel rim. If not, loosen the cable anchor bolt.