It is very normal to gain sagging skin after weight loss, and the areas most affected by it are the stomach, arms and the thighs. This is because weight loss can lead to the skin’s breakdown of elastin and collagen. Aging and excessive sun exposure loosens the suns elasticity as well. It is a challenge on how to tighten the skin that sags. There are several techniques and methods to tone the sagging skin on your different body parts.



Below are ways to help in toning the thighs:


  • Exercise can aid in building muscle below the skin, which then pulls firm the skin tights. It will also tone your legs. Jogging and biking for 30 minutes a day are the best leg exercises. Squats and leg lifts tone the thighs and hips when done in two sets of 15 repetitions.


  • There are several creams and lotions, which contain vitamin E and alpha hydroxyl acid that have skin firming properties. Applying these can aid in toning your legs. You can also use coconut oil or cocoa butter for moisturizing the thigh skin.


  • Drinking 8-10 glasses of water is vital in re hydrating the skin. It will also plump up the skin appearance all over the body.


  • Cut down on fast foods to avoid an intake of fats and sugars that create excess weight. Instead, consume fruits and vegetables to enhance skin elasticity.


  • The use of a loofah to scrub the skin can exfoliate dead and loose skin. It improves the circulation, and it will firm the skin.