Geraniums look beautiful in ever garden due to the variety of colors their flowers bloom in. From pink, white, purple, red, and lilac, clusters of these rich flowers last from mid-spring, till early fall.


To grow geraniums properly in a pot, a few basics are required. Follow this guide through to learn how you can grow blooming geraniums in pots:


  1. Get a pot with holes in the bottom, as geranium roots will rot if they remain in sitting water over time. The roots need drainage.


  1. The pot size should be compact, as roots of these plants should not spread out too far.


  1. Clean the pot well before planting.


  1. Add the soil in the pot. The soil should be good quality that drains well.


  1. Plant the seed. The best time for it is mid-April. Place the pot outdoors in sunlight so that it begins to sprout.


  1. As the plant grows, remember to remove dead leaves or flowers to avoid fungal diseases.