Valentine’s day is celebrated throughout the world in different ways to convey the love one has for someone special. Gifts are exchanged at with special dinners, or romantic spots are chosen to spend the day at. In Montreal, Valentine’s day can be enjoyed in the best way as there is so much to do in this amazing city. If you are thinking of how to spend this special day with your loved one, here are some things that may be fun and romantic:


Visit the Place Ville-Marie Summit

For some gorgeous views and romantic air, this place will swoon your date. The Les Enfants Terribles restaurant serves exquisite dining here too with a special Valentine’s day menu.


Go to a Spa

Treat your love with some pampering by visiting the wonderful spas in Montreal, like Bota Bota, Scandinave Spa, and La Source Spa Nordiques.


Romantic Dinner

No romantic dinner is cliché on V-Day! Great food, with fine drinks and romantic air is filled in restaurants at Montreal. Cozy up at a bar like Nora Gray, or enjoy vintage flairs at Barroco.


Go Skating

Who doesn’t love skating under the stars? Visit the skating rink at Bassin Bonsecours at Old Montreal where the fun begins after 6:00 pm. You can also head to Beaver Lake and skate there on top of the Mount Royal for a magical feeling. The John H. Molson skating rink in St. Sauveur is also amazing as you can get to skate through a forest in the chill.


Watch a Play

Go to the Forever Plaid to have some fun with music and comedy at a live performance.


Spend a Night at a B&B

Nothing spells romantic more than a bed and breakfast. If you want to spend a day (and night) with a romantic setting, opt for Le Petit Clocher in Saint-Saveur.


Go to Marche Bonsecours

There is a huge chocolate festival there!


Stroll Through the Plateau’s Parc Lafontaine or Montreal WTC

The locks on the lock fence are famous for lovers to leave their mark. Set a lock with your loved one there, or go to Montreal’s World Trade Center to snap a few selfies with them and bask in the extra romantic air there.