Are you feeling uncomfortable in a place because you feel like you are being watched by someone? Private surveillance has become very common these days, and with the advancement of technology, these cameras and listening devices used for surveillance have become small and quiet, making it hard to see. For those spying on the other, this is great, but the person being spied on begins feeling unsafe from prying eyes. To find bugging devices in your home, read this guide for help.

Step 1

Physically search your home and look for any conspicuous objects around the house. Look in stuffed animals, lamps, pictures, books, and smoke detectors. You should also look under tables, chairs and inside pots and vases. Most hidden cameras are placed in such areas. The object with the hidden camera will be pointed in the direction that faces the room in an unnatural ways.


Step 2

Turn off the lights in the room and look for and flashing lights. Most cameras have a glowing light to indicate they are on.


Step 3

Listen as you walk around the room. Most cameras make a buzz sound when they are operating. A hiss or static noise indicates the presence of a bugging device. Listen intently as there are a number of electronic device in the home that make sounds.


Step 4

Throw on a flashlight as you search the house in darkness for the bugging devices. Examine all the mirrors with it. Most cameras are placed behind reflective mirrors and glass that mask it under normal lights. If light is shone over it, it will be revealed. Also use a tube over an eye, like a toilet paper tube, and make it into your telescope to look for any glimmer between gaps in the walls.


Step 5

Use a signal detector like a radio frequency detector to sweep the entire room. These small and simple to use devices can sweep the entire room for any bugs with frequencies. You can also use your cell phone as a signal detector as it can pick up magnetic fields in a room. Place a call to check for it, and if you hear a clicking noise, you may be near a camera or microphone hidden in a room.